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Judiciously Allocate Your Workday Energy

Concept Overview

By nature, introverts expend energy during interactions and need some down time to recharge. But meetings, discussions, emails, chat, and other interaction channels are not the only drain on your system. It takes energy to navigate your day within the context of your organization’s culture, systems, and realities like deadlines, policies, and how decisions get made. And don’t forget about the actual technical or analytical work you do – the deep work that has meaning for you – it requires its own kind of energy.

The benefit of learning to manage and allocate your energy more effectively during the workday is that you’ll feel less drained overall and will be able to spend more of your day feeling productive.

The following techniques and skill areas are the key to more effectively managing and allocating your workday energy:

  • Building interpersonal savvy and communication skills
  • Cultivating modern workday competencies (e.g., dealing with ambiguity, managerial courage)
  • Developing explicit strategies for managing your workflow within the context of your available energy and the hard landscape of your day (e.g., meetings, deadlines) and fluid landscape (e.g., discussions, decisions, chat)
  • Planning for transitions, recharging, and downshifting