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Why It's Hard to Respect Your Own Personal Capacity at Work


Even though you know better, it is easy to ignore your personal capacity.

Mission-driven achievers routinely overextend themselves in the name of achievement, responsibility, and impact.

Today I’d like to present two sneaky underlying beliefs that impact how often you exceed your personal capacity.

Beliefs About Respecting Your Personal Capacity

On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 means you completely agree, what is your agreement with each of the following statements?

  • I believe – as evidenced by my actions – that doing things to take care of myself doesn’t mean that my work is less important.

  • I believe – as evidenced by my actions – that there is nothing selfish about taking care of myself, because that’s the only way I can truly do my best work over the span of my career.

Reflecting on Your Scores

If you’re rocking a 4 or better on each question…

Cheers to you! Keep up the great work respecting your personal capacity.

Could you explicitly model this behavior to others by saying things like…

  • I’ve noticed I’m feeling really great lately and I think it’s because I’ve been taking actions to prioritize respecting my personal capacity at work.
  • Before I can commit to this project, I’ll need to think through whether or not I’ve got the capacity, given my other priorities.
  • I’m noticing I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed lately. I’m going to take off Tuesday morning to get some extra rest and to reset.

If you’re scoring 3 or lower on each question…

Did you find yourself fighting with what you want to believe is true about yourself versus how you actually act?

What would it take for you to act as if the beliefs were true at least 90% of the time?

What would be the impact in your everyday life if you could respect your personal capacity at work at least 90% of the time?

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