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What Does Your Energy Say About You?


Before you even say a word, you’ve introduced yourself.

This is true for every single space you enter. In new spaces with strangers and in known spaces with familiars.

Your energy speaks volumes and everyone you encounter notices.

Yes, they do notice 100% of the time.

Granted, they typically notice unconsciously because they are distracted or focused on other things.

But on some level, they’ve noticed and that means it impacts the way they interact with you.

Your energy influences how people perceive you and behave toward you – including strangers – even before you say a word.

Maybe before now you’ve been oblivious to this.

Maybe you knew about it but think it shouldn’t/doesn’t matter.

Maybe you didn’t know you could use it to your advantage, as a force for good.

Maybe you didn’t know it was one crucial element of that sought-after-but-elusive quality we call executive/leadership presence.

We are naturally sensitive to the vibes that others are giving off.

But in our hectic lives we often forget to pay attention unless something stands out in an alarming way. Like when someone just gives you the creeps or something feels amiss, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

We are all made of matter and matter is made of energy. We literally do vibrate. We might have a core energy signature as our baseline and then have changing mental and emotional states that have their own energetic impacts.

Your physical shape and its movement in space, your unique energy baseline, your mental state, and your emotional state all speak volumes.

Pay Attention

If you want to establish a more intentional presence (executive or otherwise), get in the habit of checking out other people’s vibes. All it takes is paying attention to them and being open to the subtle clues your subconscious naturally picks up on.

And while clothing and physical appearance can shape your impression of someone, notice that the vibe/energy is distinct beyond that.

This is great to try the next time you are in a boring meeting that doesn’t require much mental bandwidth from you or if you find yourself out and about somewhere good for people watching.

For each person you observe, come up with 3 to 5 words to describe their vibe or presence.

What are the 3 to 5 words you’d want people to use to describe your energy and innate presence today?

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