Meet Katherine (Katie) Sauer, Ph.D.

I'm on a mission to burnout proof introvert achievers and leaders in technical and analytical professions.

As an achievement-oriented introvert economist, I am no stranger to workday stress and sometimes being on the brink.

headshot of Katherine M. Sauer, a cheery blonde caucasian woman

It's taken me a while but I've cured three decades of insomnia, cleaned up my diet, and learned to take good care of myself during work travel while still performing at a high level.

In parallel, I curated frameworks and honed competencies related to personal productivity and email, leadership and management, challenging communications, change leadership, and strategy.

I earned a doctorate of economics in my twenties and spent a decade in higher education as a professor, administrator, and international speaker. In my executive roles at an investment consulting firm and national nonprofit, I had a hectic travel schedule and high-pressure responsibilities. At the end of 2020 I stepped back from organizational leadership in order to build my own education and coaching practice, with a focus on helping other achievers flourish in demanding roles and hectic environments.

I grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota but you'll have to listen closely to hear any trace of that accent. Colorado is where I've called home for the past two decades. I enjoy creative pursuits like painting and dancing and love to travel. Puns are my preferred style of humor.

My last name is pronounced "sour", like a lemon.

Outside of my professional expertise in economics and personal finance, I've been a yoga and meditation teacher since 2012, a coach since 2016, and a nutritionist since 2017. I'm also credentialed in change leadership and have completed executive education in nonprofit management. (see more )

Katherine Sauer speaking into a microphone Katherine Sauer hiking in Death Valley, CA Katherine Sauer serving on a panel Katherine Sauer doing a headstand in a rice field in Bali Katherine Sauer gesturing during a presentation