Energy. Attention. Action.

Mindsets, behaviors, and tools for the dual priorities of exceptional modern leadership and a life well-lived.

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Grow in community with other leaders through guideded group learning experiences.

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Bring an engaging speaker to your leadership team or broader mission-driven audience.

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Accelerate your professional growth and personal evolution through coaching.

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Online Programs

Burnout Proof provides engaging, online learning experiences. The focus is on understanding a concept and then applying it. The format is self-paced modules and assignments, with periodic live session for group coaching, as well as virtual Q&A sessions.

Deepen your wisdom. Shift your thinking. Turn insight into action.

Speaker Services

Burnout Proof provides professional development presentations, workshops, and training for purpose-driven leadership teams.

Keynotes, panels, podcast discussions, and more are available for your broader mission-driven audience.

Advance your leadership team. Engage your audience.


Private coaching is available to leaders and achievers who want to accelerate their leadership growth, cultivate an authentic executive presence, or manage the pressure of bringing a vision to reality.

Personalized guidance. High-touch service.

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For Coaches

Resources and support for coaches whose practices focus on building resilient, effective, connected leaders. Coming Soon!