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an icon of a calendar with a heart over one day; making peace with taking a day off

Making Peace with Taking a Day Off

Overcome your resistance when you need a day off.

Conscious leaders often resist taking a day off because it’s hard to admit that they need one or because they don’t like the uncomfortable feelings that come up when they do. This mini-course helps you shift your mindset and resolve your inner tension so you can feel at ease taking a day off whenever you need one.


a house with a person in it inside a heart; 1-Day Reset Toolkit

1-Day Reset Toolkit

Take a day off to reset, without feeling like you’ve been unproductive.

Not your typical DIY home retreat kit, this tool is designed for purpose-driven leaders who need a day off ASAP but resist taking one because it feels unproductive. This toolkit helps you both reset and proactively make real change for the future – so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted a day “resting” only to end up right back where you started.


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