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The 1-Minute Mental Reset


You're mindset impacts everything you do. You might as well use it to your advantage.

It's common for your mindset to change multiple times per day, depending on your mood and circumstances. It's also possible to have an overarching mindset, like optimism or curiosity.

Today I'd like to focus on how to manage your mindset, to use it to your advantage.

Mindset Matters

Ever find yourself stewing about something that happened instead of staying focused on your task at hand? (um, try daily)

Or perhaps you need to mentally prepare for a challenging interaction but find your energy is a bit keyed up? (yep)

Need a more reliable way to get into the zone? (sounds great)

I’d like to share with you one of my all-time go-to techniques for getting into a new headspace.

The 1-Minute Mental Reset

A combination of intentional breathing (to de-escalate your stress response) and actively choosing the qualities you want in your mindset, this technique is a powerful tool that anyone can master quickly.

Once you learn the method, it literally only takes about 1 minute to do. That means it fits into your hectic life and can be done on the fly, wherever you are.

I’ve been teaching this technique since 2017, as part of a corporate workshop I do on Practical Mindfulness. People tell me they’ve been able to immediately use it during their workday and have felt the benefits.

Watch this 14-minute video to learn the technique.

If you enjoyed trying that out, know there are additional ways to infuse mindfulness into your workday. This video is included in my free Practical Mindfulness mini-course.

Origin Story: The 1-Minute Mental Reset is a combination of a guided meditation I learned at an academic conference forever ago (I can’t remember which conference … but it was back when I was an economics professor) and the compass technique I learned from The Fluent Self. I've been practicing it in some form or another for over a decade.

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