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Practical Mindfulness for Your Workday: On-Demand Course


This course is currently being refreshed. It is anticipated to be available in late spring 2023.

If you've been curious about mindfulness but haven't felt it is accessible, give this a try.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for stress management.

Its benefits are accessible to everyone and its techniques can be practiced on-the-fly, whenever you need.

Even during your hectic workday.

Especially during your hectic workday.

You've heard all this before. But exactly how do you get started?

An Accessible Introduction

Check out my Practical Mindfulness webinar replay, reformatted into a mini-course.

It's a recording of a talk I've given several times to busy professionals, complete with downloadable worksheets.

I always receive follow-up notes in the weeks after I've given this talk, where participants share how they’ve easily incorporated the techniques into their workdays and what a difference it is making.

Practical Mindfulness is designed to be a respite in your day and will equip you with tools to clear some headspace during your hectic workday.

Content Outline

  • Being Present
  • The Mind-Body Connection
  • Retraining Your Stress Response
  • Learn a 1-minute Mental Reset
  • Self Fluency
  • Mindful Transitions


This mini course is delivered via email - either weekly or all-at-once.

Six videos contain approximately 45 minutes of content. Videos are narrated slide presentations with an inset video of the presenter. (video subtitles are currently unavailable)

A downloadable worksheet guides you through the course topics and related exercises.

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This course is currently being refreshed. It is anticipated to be available in late summer 2023.

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