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For a Clearer Headspace, Learn to Identify Your Mental Models


We've talked about the mental models we see operating in our organizations.

Today let’s consider more deeply our own mental models.

A mental model is a catch-all term for any concept, framework, or worldview you carry around with you.

Aphorisms that you agree (or disagree) with are a great place to look to identify some of your own mental models. For example, “better safe than sorry” or “you catch more flies with honey”.

Personal beliefs are another type of mental model.

Which Mental Models Are You Running?

Take some time to reflect on the mental models you are using, and whether or not they are helpful or holding you back.

Anytime a "should" pops up, or other "rules", or the "right way" to do something, there is a good chance a mental model is in play.

What’s your mental model around...?

  • stress
  • your capabilities
  • rest
  • saying no
  • people pleasing
  • eating healthy
  • leadership

Which mental models of yours did you actively choose and which were programmed into you over time?

Which do you want to keep and which is it time to change?

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