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Commit to less Busyness


It’s easy to fall into the busy trap. Modern life is demanding sure, but it is still your choice.

Committing to less busyness often looks like:

  • saying no to social events when your calendar is already feeling full

  • learning to renegotiate prior commitments at work or socially (yes, it can be uncomfortable, but you are a grown ass adult and I know you can do it!)

  • accepting new work projects/priorities only when you can offload or downshift on existing projects

  • creating containers of time that are reserved for spontaneity when that time comes (seems counterintuitive but it is effective)


There is typically an adjustment period where if you aren’t busy, then you feel like you are forgetting something, feel guilty, or other general feeling of unease. That’s normal. You’ll readjust.


  1. How are you feeling about your social calendar right now? Is there anything that needs to be adjusted?

  2. Which prior work or social commitments do you need to renegotiate? Make a plan for how you’ll renegotiate.

  3. Given your current work portfolio, if you are asked to take on a new project or reprioritize, what would have to come off your plate or be paused?

  4. Schedule some down time, but not what you will do during it.

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