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A 2-Minute Guided Meditation To Do Right Before Your Next Meeting


Take 2-minutes right before your next meeting to clear your headspace. Once you learn this technique, you can easily do it on the fly.

Listen to a recording of this meditation right now.

Arrive in this moment. Notice your emotional state, energy level.

Allow the residual charge of interactions and events of earlier today to neutralize or fade away. Make space for this moment.

Make space for the new energy and interactions that will come in this meeting.

Let your breath be easy as you set some intentions for this meeting:

  • May you listen to understand, instead of listening to speak.
  • May you speak with purpose, clarity, and kind truth.
  • May your mind stay present instead of flitting forward and back in time.

Let these intentions take residence in your being.

Listen for any other intentions that may be coming to you, allow them to arrive.

Take one inhale and one exhale and transition into your meeting.

You can download a free Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness and Meditation at Work if you are new to these techniques.

Originally published on The Yogiconomist in 2021.

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