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Why the Burnout Proof monthly newsletter is published on the new moon


Reason #1

Moon cycles were the original calendar across all of humanity - all the first peoples tracked moons. It just made sense. There is something deeply profound about tapping into the wisdom of the ancient ways of knowing. And there’s no reason that has to be relegated solely to the personal side of life. There’s room for it in business, too.

Reason #2

Moon cycles are also a small and easy way to reconnect with the rhythm of nature. We spend so much time indoors and following an artificially set pace, it’s nice to have an explicit reminder that there is something more primal available to sync with. Bringing more of nature’s guidance into business is something we’re into at Burnout Proof.

Reason #3

It feels delightfully subversive to use a moon cycle as a pacesetter for business. It’s a small act of sovereignty to eschew sending a newsletter on a conventional schedule.

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