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Quick Office Yoga Videos


One of my favorite venues to teach and practice is in the workplace.

Today I’m sharing with you three short office yoga videos you can do during your workday, in your work clothes. I originally recorded them for a client last year.

Disclaimer: These movements are safe for many bodies. You are the only one who lives in your body and thus are ultimately in charge of not hurting yourself. If your healthcare professional has recommended against any of the movements I demonstrate, DON’T DO THEM.

Yin Yoga

I’m often asked what the “best” style of yoga is. For anyone who sits a lot, especially office dwellers, my answer is yin yoga. Yin is done primarily on the floor with tons of props (e.g., blankets, pillows, etc.). Here is an article I wrote about it a few years ago.

When I was in roles where I traveled frequently for work, my yoga mat always came along. Yin is the style I’d practice in my hotel room, making good use of all the pillows as props. Yin is fantastic to do before long flights.

If you can’t find a studio near you that offers yin, check out the Boulder Yoga Pod’s streaming classes (purchase by the class or unlimited monthly; NOT an affiliate link).

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