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How to Refocus When there is Too Much to Do

Today there was more on my plate than could possibly get done and then 8 new things showed up.

Even if I had several weeks of uninterrupted time, who knows if it would get done.

But that's the modern workplace for many of us, and in this moment I can choose to adjust my relationship to the pile of overwhelm on my plate.

Here is a 1-minute technique I use to clear my headspace.

Listen to a recording of this meditation right now or by downloading the free FocusMinder app for your mobile device or Windows machine.

First take one deep breath to acknowledge that this feeling sucks.

inhale --- exhale

Then a breath to acknowledge it's not fair that other people's unreasonable demands or expectations or poor decisions are jumbled up in your workload.

inhale --- exhale

Now take a breath to acknowledge you are a tremendously capable person and are in control of your attitude.

inhale --- exhale

Next a breath for accepting that there will always be more work to do than can be done.

inhale --- exhale

A breath to remember that by taking this pause you are proactively changing your patterned response to overwhelm.

inhale -- exhale

And a final breath to signify you’re ready to approach your work from a new perspective.

inhale --- exhale

You can download a free Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness and Meditation at Work if you are new to these techniques.

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