Values-Based Personal Finance


You want to engage more proactively with your finances but have been turned off by prescriptive advice with judgmental overtones and the cold calculation of it all.

In this online experience, you’ll take a heart-centered approach to your personal finances. You’ll be guided to redefine your relationship with money and finance and to articulate your personal values, priorities, and needs for the life you are creating. From that vantage point, you’ll explore applying those values to the major areas of personal finance. Finally, you’ll create a personal organization system that helps you be proactive and to follow through.

Please note – this is not about getting detailed information on financial topics themselves or for receiving personalized financial advice. For example, we won’t cover how to manage your debt but will discuss your *relationship* to managing your borrowing behaviors and debt and how to identify what your concrete next steps are.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify your values, priorities, and needs
  • Explore your past and current relationship to money and finances
  • Redefine your relationship to money and finances
  • Apply your values to the major areas of personal finance
  • Develop a personal system that helps you be proactive with your finances and to follow through
  • Feel confident in your ability to seek out the technical financial information or advice you need going forward

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