Practical Mindfulness for Your Workday


Mindfulness is a powerful tool for stress management. Its benefits are accessible to everyone and its techniques can be practiced on-the-fly, whenever you need. Part presentation and part experiential workshop, this seminar is designed to be a respite in your day and will equip you with tools to clear some headspace during your hectic workday.

Content Outline

  • Being Present
  • The Mind-Body Connection
  • Retraining Your Stress Response
  • Learn a 1-minute Mental Reset
  • Self Fluency
  • Mindful Transitions

On-demand Mini-Course

This mini course is delivered online via a learning platform. Six videos contain approximately 45 minutes of content. A 10-page pdf workbook guides you through the course topics and related exercises. Q&A with the instructor is available electronically. Videos are narrated slide presentations with an inset video of the presenter. (video subtitles are currently unavailable)

Things to Know Before You Purchase

a screenshot of a title slide that says Practical Mindfulness and has a picture of the presenter in the top corner